One of the challenges of buying land in Nova Scotia is determining what the potential uses of that land may be. Each municipality maintains their own zoning maps and land use bylaws. The zoning maps are useful to pinpoint a particular plot of land and determine its zoning. With that established, the land use bylaw contains the details on the permitted and restricted uses of each particular zone. Sounds like fun, right?


Well, here’s some good news. In this post we’ve created the first all-in-one reference for Nova Scotia zoning maps and land use bylaws. We THINK we’ve found them all, but if something is missing or inaccurate please let us know. Of course, zoning is important to consider when buying land, but so are 1,000 other things. Be sure to check out our guide to buying land in Nova Scotia


Cape Breton Zoning

Cape Breton Land Zoning Map:

Cape Breton Land Use Bylaw:


Halifax Zoning

Halifax Land Zoning Maps:

Halifax Mainland Land Use Bylaw:


Queens Zoning

Region of Queens Municipality land zoning maps and land use bylaws:


Hants Zoning

East Hants land zoning map:

East Hants land use Bylaw:


West Hants land zoning map: See additional documents here:

West Hants land use Bylaw:


Annapolis Zoning

Annapolis County land zoning map:

Annapolis County land use bylaw:


Antigonish Zoning

Town of Antigonish land use zoning map:

Antigonish County land use zoning maps:

Antigonish County land use bylaws:


Colchester Zoning

Colchester County land zoning map:

Colchester County land use bylaw:


Cumberland Zoning

Cumberland County land zoning map:

Cumberland County land use bylaw:


Inverness Zoning

Inverness County land zoning maps:

Inverness County land use bylaw:


Kings Zoning

County of Kings land zoning map:

County of Kings land use bylaw:


Pictou Zoning

Pictou County land zoning map:

Pictou County land use bylaw:


Richmond Zoning

Richmond County land zoning maps:

Richmond County land use bylaw:


Victoria Zoning

Victoria County land zoning maps:

Victoria County land use bylaw:


Yarmouth Zoning

Yarmouth County land zoning map and land use bylaw:


Shelburne Zoning

Shelburne County land zoning map (see page 27) and land use bylaw:


Lunenburg Zoning

Lunenburg County land zoning map:

Lunenburg County land use bylaw:


Digby Zoning

Digby County zoning map (see page 13) and land use bylaw:


Guysborough Zoning

District of Guysborough land zoning map:

District of Guysborough land use bylaw: